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Verge (XVG) (formerly DogecoinDark (DOGED)) is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency forked from Dogecoin in October 2014 and re-branded as VERGE in February 2016. The project exploited the growing popularity of the "fun" Dogecoin cryptocurrency while adding code to increase the coin's anonymity and privacy features, notably the network's ability to run on dedicated Tor nodes. Verge is a pure proof-of-work cryptocurrency that uses multiple hashing algorithms to mine new coins. The number of coins issued has been set to 9 billion during the first year and one billion per year thereafter.

ATOMIC Announcement & Crowdfunding Campaign

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Verge is a cryptocurrency that focuses on total anonymity and privacy for…

3 days ago
Curious to know more about the @PundiXLabs integration?

Check out this article written by @sourcedexter, one of our core team members:

#VergeCurrency #XVG $XVG
3 days ago
Verge Currency is proud to announce its integration into the #PundiX POS system.

@PundiXLabs aims to empower #blockchain developers and token holders to sell #cryptocurrency and services at any physical store in the world. We are excited to be part of the Pundi X offering.
vergecurrency photo
4 days ago
#vergefam - We are now listed on @CoinPulseEx exchange! $xvg Deposit/Trading/Withdrawal timeline listed below. Thanks to the team at #coinpulse for working with us.

Exciting week!

#xvgfam #vergecurrency #newlisting #massadoption
vergecurrency photo
5 days ago
#VergeFam - @bluntumbrellas, a global leader in the industry, are now accepting @vergecurrency as a means of payment for the #USA and #Australia region with other regions to follow.

#Promo offer: 20% discount exclusively for $XVG payments.

vergecurrency photo
5 days ago
#vergefam - $xvg is now officially listed and trading on Thanks to the team at @huobiglobal for working with #vergecurrency. This listing will open doors for our #xvgfam in Asia and abroad. Deposit available 14:30 Jul 31 (GMT+8).
vergecurrency photo
3 weeks ago
Beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed umbrellas now available at Get yours today and receive 20% off when paid with $XVG!

We look forward to work with Blunt Umbrella to bring rest of its locations to adopt #xvg for #cryptopayment!

#xvg #vergefam
vergecurrency photo
18 hours ago
Don't forget my live streamed debate with security specialists tonight at 7:00 Eastern. The debate is about the hackability of the BitFi wallet. It should be extreme.
19 hours ago
My interview with LearnCrypto about the future of the blockchain, the price of Bitcoin, the unhackability of the BitFi wallet and more.